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Water Leak Update

Weather-related Leaks Contained

March 27, 2024

Henry High School (will be renamed Camden High School on July 1, 2024) experienced multiple water leaks this week due to the heavy snow and rain and an aging roof. School staff and engineers immediately responded and students were relocated from the impacted spaces. Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) leaders including Superintendent Dr. Lisa Sayles-Adams, Executive Director of Capital Planning, Construction, Maintenance and Operations Curtis Hartog, and Associate Superintendent Dr. Michael Walker joined Henry Principal Liza Anderson Schmid to assess the damage and to support school staff. That response included:

  • An initial inspection was completed on Tuesday, March 26. 
  • Our MPS Operations Team and Henry engineers started clean-up and containment of the water leaks. 
  • MPS Environmental, Health and Safety conducted an air quality check on March 26 and will be returning next week to conduct a second air quality check. This will also include a mold inspection and review. Air quality checks indicated acceptable indoor air quality in the impacted areas.
  • Areas that had leaks were cleaned, wet tiles removed and those spaces will remain empty until they can be properly dried. Drying for most spaces is completed. However some small leaks still are present and custodial staff will monitor those areas.
  • A second walk through of impacted areas was conducted on March 27.  
  • MPS Leadership will continue regular visits to Henry throughout the rest of this week and next to monitor progress. Plant Operations will assign additional resources over the week of spring break to provide enhanced cleaning in the impacted rooms.
  • Over spring break, a crew will conduct another round of cleaning before students and staff return on April 8.
  • Carpenters will be at Henry the week of spring break to remove all damaged ceiling tiles. Ceiling tile replacement will be conducted when roof repairs are completed.

Prior to this incident, Henry High School had been prioritized to receive a new roof and the funding was allocated for design and construction. The exact timing of the roof replacement will depend on contractor availability, but is planned for summer 2024. MPS is also working on contingency plans for the roof if it cannot be replaced in summer 2024. Until the roof is replaced, we will closely monitor Henry High School during severe weather and follow our emergency response protocols which are activated whenever student or staff safety is at risk. We will continue to keep our Henry families and staff updated.

Water Leak Update

Henry High School experienced multiple leaks on Tuesday, March 26 due to the heavy snow and rain. We recognize that this incident caused disruption and distress among our students, parents, and staff members. Members of the MPS leadership team including Superintendent Sayles-Adams and the Executive Director of Capital Planning, Construction, Maintenance and Operations Curtis Hartog were on site to walk through the building.

Our custodial team and MPS Maintenance and Operations have been diligently working all day to address the problem and contain the water leaks. The affected areas have been cleaned up and leaks have been contained. 

Some classrooms will be temporarily relocated to ensure these spaces can dry and be properly inspected. This step is being taken as a precautionary measure. 

We are taking additional steps to prevent any future leaks or mold growth. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and will continue regular inspections to ensure that the building remains safe and secure for all.  

Please also feel free to share this information with families and community members who may be alarmed by photos and misinformation circulating about the leaks.